Student Life

Baseball Club

Author: Daisy 

In RDFZ, the school day for our students does not end as bell rings. The playground is always lively and busy. When you walk around the campus, you can see a lot of energetic teenagers doing different activities. What would definitely catch your attention would be a group of students, in professional baseball sports kits, throwing and catching balls in the air. They look a lot like professional players. These students are members of a baseball club, which is one of the most popular clubs in RDFZ.  

Oscar is a new student to this school. He joined the baseball club a few weeks ago. When he was a kid, he watched some cartoons and TV dramas, which made him interested in baseball, but he never had an opportunity to really try and experience this sport before. In this club, students have a chance to enjoy real baseball games, which is what has made Oscar so excited. For the time being, he and all other club members are doing some basic training, such as catching and throwing a ball. The coach of the baseball club is Mr. Russel, who is a physics and biology teacher. “Once when we were training, our coach caught the hard baseball with his bare hands. We can’t do that. It is impossible for us,” Oscar said. Asked at the end of his interview if he wanted to add something, Oscar answered, “I hope more students come join the baseball club, especially boys. It’s a cool sport!”


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