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Australian Mathematics Competition2017-10-31   Author : Sarah

The AMC (Australian mathematic competition) was held successfully on the 23rd of September. Our school is authorized as one of the Testing Centers for this competition. Lots of students from other schools came and took this test with us. There are several levels, from primary school to senior high, level A-E. Most of our students took level D & E. The mathematic questions in the test paper are Olympic math questions, so the grade of difficulty is pretty high. We, Chinese students, handled them pretty well.

On the 27th of October, the results for the competition came. For Level D, One of the students from S1 got the first prize and that is really hard. Also, congratulations to all the students that got the second and third prize! You all did a great job.

There are lots of other academic competitions coming up and we hope more students will sign up for them and get involved!

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