Senior Curriculum


The ALC curriculum is unique in the context of Beijing with students enjoying an experience that is almost indistinguishable from an international British-style school. Students prepared for the CAIE, IGCSE and A Level examinations. The ALC selected CAIE because it believes that the academic demand of the courses and the high security of external assessment allow students to gain qualifications that have academic integrity and worldwide portability.

With access to 17 IGCSE and A level subjects, students have the opportunity for early specialisation in subjects for which they wish to develop a deep body of knowledge or they can if they wish have a broad and balanced programme that mixes Arts, Humanities and Science subjects. The school is one of the few that offers an extensive programme in First Language English and English Literature. It also has high numbers of students who take Psychology, Music, Art (both Digital and Painting and Drawing). The school is also to our knowledge the only Chinese school which offers Drama.

As our students are preparing for life in the West there is also an academic focus on global issues and international relations. Many students study Global Perspectives and the school was one of the first in China to have students take the examination. This heavily skills based course allows our students to develop many of the essential softer skills that are needed for success in university.

In Senior 1 (Grade 10) students study English, Mathematics and at least one science from Biology, Chemistry and Physics. They are then free to choose an additional up to three option subjects from, Accounting, Art and Design, Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry, Drama, Economics, Information and Communications Technology and Music. Students who choose specific courses are eligible for recognition within the CAIE ICE Diploma. Students also prepare for their Chinese High School Diploma by studying Chinese Language & Literature, Geography, History, Music and Art. The IGCSE programme is usually taken over a two-year period and students normally take eight or nine subjects. At the ALC students have only one year to prepare for the examinations so they have a slightly reduced programme and prepare for six to five examinations. With supervised study periods after school students are able to reach the right competency levels prior to sitting the exams by the summer.

In Senior 2 (Grade 11) Computer Science, Further Mathematics, Global Perspectives and Psychology are additional subjects. All students study English and Global Perspectives. Most students will study 4 AS Level subjects. Those students who choose specific courses are eligible for recognition within the CAIE AICE Diploma.

In Senior 3 (Grade 12) most students study 3 Advanced level subjects. They also continue to study English for Academic Purposes or Global Perspectives.