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If you love fashion, cuisine, entertainment, and getting around in Beijing, please don’t miss RDFZ ALC as a perfect job opportunity that provides you with a thriving neighbourhood and convenient public transit access! Our school is in the neighbourhood of two large shopping malls: Capital Mall and Aegean Shopping Plaza.

Capital Mall Taiyanggong next door is located in Chaoyang district, at the intersection of Taiyanggong Road and Taiyanggong Middle Road, and is about 1.1km (0.7 miles) away from our school. It would take 8 to10 minutes to Capital Mall by walking. It has a large-scale supermarket and several bakeries, pastry shops, ice cream stores, and restaurants of all kinds on the basement level (B2). From the first floor to the fifth floor of Capital Mall, you can find International brands of clothing stores, luxury stores, beauty products, baby products, cafés and restaurants serving regional cuisines of China (including Sichuan cuisine with hot spice, Anhui cuisine with wild plants from the mountains, Cantonese cuisine with seafood in sweet and light flavour, and Shandong cuisine with fresh and salty seafood dishes etc). Japanese food, Korean food, Italian food, and American food can also be found to satisfy a wide variety of individual food preferences. More excitingly, there is a gym on B1 level, a book store on the second floor, a mini Game Room on the fourth floor, and a large Peking duck restaurant -Bianyifang- occupying the entire fifth floor.

Aegean mall is one of the most high-level shopping mall and located in the prosperous business area- Chaoyang District. The mall provides you with convenient options of shopping and entertainment. Aegean mall is one subway station away from our school. You can get to the mall by subway line 10 in 15 minutes. Aegean mall is 500 meters (0.31 miles) away from Shaoyaoju subway station, which is a transfer station of metro line 10 and line 13. There are lot of quality restaurants in Aegean mall, and one of the suggested bakery stores is “Take Urban.” There is a huge food count and supermarket at B1. Plethora of brands can be found in the mall as well. On the first floor you can find jewellery and sportswear. The second floor has women’ apparel and Internet cafes, the third floor Children's Paradise. The fourth and fifth floor are for dining in general. There is a karaoke store on the fifth floor as well. There is a theatre- Redstar Pacific Cineplex- and several restaurants and ice-cream stores on the sixth floor.

The school's location is also perfect for travel as the metro station, enviably being Line 10, is situated only five minutes away. This provides easy access for the school faculty and students, as Sanyuanqiao (The Beijing International Airport Station) is also on Line 10. Alongside this, the Agricultural Center is also located on this line, and proves to be an easy gateway to places such as Sanlitun and Solana, both of which are known for their abundance of restaurants and shopping malls.

Ikea also happens to be located near RDFZ, and provides great comfort for the faculty living on campus, as any shopping concerning furniture and utensils is located only fifteen minutes away. This provides great accessibility for the students living on campus, as well. As they can purchase anything from stationary to wardrobe.

RCF Experimental School's location is—in simple terms, desirable. The abundance of all the utilities provided only adds on to its appeal.

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