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Bridging the Gap Between China and International Schools

The school has developed an ambitious extra-curricular programme in partnership with our international sponsor Headington School in Oxford, UK. The programme is extensive with over 140 activities and would bear comparison to many top independent international schools. Each week students have the opportunity to participate in at least three activities or clubs. Students are encouraged to try a range of activities that will challenge and develop them. Activities are designed to develop individual skills, team work, promote a healthy lifestyle, encourage service to others and allow the students to develop global awareness. Students who successfully complete the course are awarded a Headington Diploma, classed as Pass or Distinction.

James Nichols (left) and James Stephenson (right) from Headington School on a recent visit to our school

Members of Headington school's faculty regularly visit our school and our staff also regularly visit Headington School in the UK. The purpose of the visits is to facilitate a progressive understanding of the shared academic culture. Opportunities are taken to meet students and teachers, as well as observation of lessons during visits.

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