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School Management Team

Madam. Wang, Minzhu

Principal, Elite Physics teacher and Professor

Madam Wang holds a Bachelor Degree and is the current Principal of RDFZ Chaoyang Branch. She had served as RDFZ Party Secretary, Vice Principal of RDFZ and Principal of RCF Experimental School. She was awarded with the following honors:

  • Outstanding Principal of National Education Research
  • Red Flag Medal for Women
  • Outstanding Award for Beijing Fundamental Education Curriculum Reform
  • Beijing Outstanding Educator
  • Excellence of Work in Education in Haidian District
  • Outstanding Secretary of Haidian Education Party Branch
  • Outstanding Award for Educational Scientific Research in Haidian District
  • Excellent Education Management Award in Haidian District
  • Model of Teacher Ethics in Haidian District
  • Outstanding Educator in Haidian District Education System
  • Award of Excellence in Party Committee Propaganda Work in Renmin University of China
  • Outstanding Communist Party Member in Renmin University of China

Madam Wang enjoys the special allowance of the State Council.

Mr. Guo Honglin

Principal of RCF Experimental School and Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Chain Schools of RDFZ

Mr. Guo holds a Doctoral Degree in Economics and teaches at the prestigious University of Renmin. He also works as Deputy Chairman of the Board of the RDFZ Chain Schools, Vice Chairman of Education Research Association, Chairman of the University Board of Human Resource Management Association. Recently the State Education Department of China has nominated Mr. Guo as Supervisor of the National Talent Training Program. Mr. Guo used to act as Director of HR Bureau, Director of the Office of Talents, Executive Vice Principal of the School of Education and Assistant to President of Renmin University. Among his other achievements, Mr. Guo has been awarded the City Level of College Teacher’s Special Honored Award in Education in 2012, and the Outstanding Model of Innovation in Education and Outstanding Educator in Beijing.

Mr. Shen, Qiwei

Executive Principal, Senior Economist

Principal Shen holds a Bachelor Degree in Economics and a Master Degree in Education. He was appointed as the Vice Principal of RDFZ School in October 2009. He has taken part in the preparation and establishment of several RCF Experimental School, and has extensive management experience.

Madam Chen, Minyan

Vice Principal, Senior Mathematics Teacher

Madam Chen holds a Post Graduate Diploma and a Master’s Degree in Philosophy. She was the former Deputy Head of grade at the Middle School of RDFZ and Vice Principal of RCF Experimental School. Currently she is the Vice Principal of RCF Experimental School, in charge of the Middle School section. She has made a huge contribution to the reputation of RCF Experimental School, transforming it from an ordinary private middle school to a school of high standing and quality that enjoys a well-deserved reputation in the Haidian District.

Mr. Ren, Huaiwang

Vice Principal, Logistics

Mr. Ren holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economic Management. He has worked in the logistics field for over 30 years, with a rich experience and considerable expertise in organization and coordination of businesses.

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