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Principal's Message

Dear students, teachers and parents:

Welcome to our school.

RCF Experimental School is proud to be a member of the famous family of RDFZ schools. Here we adopt the teaching concepts and philosophies advocated by Principal Liu Pengzhi. We continue the glorious tradition of the pursuit of the creation and perfection of a world-class school. We endeavor to create a positive and comfortable campus community in which every student will find a way to develop their potential, assisted by teachers who want to help them achieve their educational goals. RCF Experimental School aims to cultivate students to be noble, healthy, elegant, knowledgeable and equipped with the ability of successful lifelong learners.

As the Principal, I want to express my expectations of all the students:

  • Firstly, people who want to be successful have to be ambitious. Therefore, you have to set yourself goals. Every student has to think clearly about whom they want to be and what they want to achieve after graduation. Clear goals set your direction and provide the driving force for your success.

  • Secondly, people who want to be successful have to be creative, lifelong learners. You must be passionate about learning and learn how to learn wisely and efficiently. At the same time resilience, persistence and flexibility are characteristics that you should strive to develop.

  • Thirdly, people who want to be successful have to be noble and cultured. You need to have a moral conscience: love your nation, love your community, respect your teachers and obey the law. You need to be generous and kind. Being optimistic and positive are also keys to success and a driving force of progress. What is more, persistence is your guarantee of success. I also hope that you can learn wisdom, I hope that you can learn to be self-disciplined and enjoy life to the fullest.

At the same time, I hope our students will be thankful and respectful at all times. Only if you stay thankful and aware of others, can you cherish what you have, can you value the moral rules shared by us all, can you observe the social order and take your place in society.

United and working together with our professional and dedicated teachers and energetic and self-motivated students, we will be able to create an unique educational miracle.

The Principal  Wang Minzhu

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