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Feedback on English Website2018-01-25   Author : Ushiya Bhatti


As soon as news broke out that the English Website had finally been established, students and teachers alike were buzzing with excitement. Many people were quick to approach the ALC Media Team to offer their feedback, whether that had to do with the layout of the website, the variety of items it had to offer (articles, videos, etc) or the general happiness of having a school website that they could thoroughly understand—that the international staff and students could understand!

When asked about the website, Ms. Rachel Ferreira commented, "Overall, layout of website is really appealing. Nice Home Page. Especially the photos chosen at the top of the screen." Being one of the house leaders of Taihang, she was particularly excited about seeing her house first in the list of houses, saying "Taihang first- yay!"

"I like the layout and wordings. I would like to see more pictures and videos." Ms. Cindy Cheung said. ALC Media Team has definitely focused on that more, so expect many pictures and videos in future updates. "Maybe there can be a link connecting all activities together?" She suggested.

The English Website has been well received. Many people have frequently said that the overall layout and design has impressed them greatly. They, in particular, enjoy the filmed interviews.

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