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2018 Economics Debate Competition2018-01-24   Author : Angbeen Muzammil (T1)

RCF Experimental School held its much anticipated annual Economics debate competitionon on January 17th, 2018. The event began at 4:45 PM and lasted till 5:15 PM. As always, all the 4 houses (Kunlun, Taihang, Qilian & Hengduan) took part in the competition, for which students, despite their busy schedules, prepared exceedingly diligently and with great enthusiasm. However, only Taihang and Kunlun made it till the final round. Along with informing the participants of the rules and regulations that they were expected to abide by throughout the competition, the Moderators, Mr Raj, Ms Cindy, Mr. Reno, Mr. Will hosted and organized the entire event.

This year, the topic of the debate was "Should government future policies & goals place more importance on economic growth or sustainable development?", for which, Kunlun supported economic growth, whilst Taihang argued for sustainable development.

Four debaters spoke on behalf of each house, and the turns alternated between the members of each team. At the end of that, there was a quick fire round where the participants of each team shot well-thought and clever questions towards each other, as well as quickly tried to respond to them in a very short time span. Extreme nervousness and anticipation seemed to engulf the entirety of the auditorium during that round, but in the end, the participants as well as the audience had a joyous and fun-filled time.

The event came to a close after 30 minutes of seemingly never-ending arguments given by highly persistent debaters. The Judges, Mr. Raj, Mr. Allen, Mrs. Li Hong, Mr. Bill, Mr. Bim, Mr. Steven, Mr. David P and Mr. Khalid, began assessing and picking the winning team immediately after the competition ended.

Then, the votes of the judges were added up and the winner house was decided. Kunlun house, just like last year, emerged as the final winner of the Economics debate of 2018. The aforementioned event of 2018 was concluded with immense success, rendering hope and excitement for next year's competition.

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