Four Houses

KunLun House

In Kunlun House we take inspiration from the Kunlun Mountains after which we are named. We challenge our students to be like the eagle in our logo and ‘fly high over the mountains’. Kunlun house students are encouraged to be fearless and after 3 years in our House we are confident that they will be ready to meet the challenges of university life.

Our goal in Kunlun House is to help students become independent, responsible future leaders of the world. We value diversity, teamwork and creativity in our students and teachers.

Kunlun House is like a big family. Like the other houses has 14 pastoral staff- 7 International staff and 7 Chinese staff. The students are divided into 6 homerooms with 2 homeroom teachers in each class. Each homeroom consists of students from Senior 1, 2 and 3. The homeroom teachers are there to help our students solve any problems or challenges they might encounter in their school life.

Kunlun House Teachers 2018

Life in Kunlun House is very busy! We take part in a number of academic, cultural and sports events every semester. We are a competitive house in all fields that achieves well in every event in which we take part. We always strive to be the best but we try to maintain a sense of fun and we are best known for our teamwork. Kunlun House also provides many opportunities for our students to show leadership through different positions of responsibility such as House Captains and team leaders of sports and cultural events.

In Kunlun House we work hard together and look forward to the achievements of our house in the following semester

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