Four Houses

HengDuan House

Heng Duan house offers a student-centred stage where your ideas come true.As the house logo for Heng Duansuggests, above the steep mountains, the dragon-shaped cloud stretches into the sky, standing for the spirts of Chinese dragon: bravery, ambition and confidence. There goes our house motto: Confidence, Passion, Unity. It is with our passion for what we strive for, there comes the confidence; it is with our unity within the house, there comes the spirt of Heng Duan.

Chinese and international homeroom teachers greeting students

Our house is honoured to have 12 members of dedicated and professional Chinese and international homeroom teachers who are committed to studentsand education. Thanks to their hard work, students have the best experience within the homeroom. The vertical system where junior and senior share the same homeroom offers students the opportunity to socialize, to integrate and to cooperate with different age groups. Each of the homeroom has its own features, while each is overwhelmed with students of academic excellence, leadership, talents, and sports specialty.

Academic excellent students receiving house certificates from international house leader

Sports meeting award assembly

A well running house is proud to present the students leadership group: the House Committee. This is an organisation which student leaders serve the students within the house. Under the leadership of the committee president, the house committee has departments including Sport Department, Charity Department, Recreation Department, Publicity Department and Organisation Department. Committee members co-operated with teachers to introduce exciting and thrilling activities into house life, House Talent Show, Basketball Technique Competition, New Year Party and Virtual Reality Lecture, to name a few. This is the stage where students develop, mature as leaders, and this is what brings your dreams and ambition into life.

Heng Duan sports meeting parade

Teachers relay during sports meeting

House basketball team in a competition

House girls basketball competition

Virtual Reality Tech Experience Lecture Held by Heng Duan House Committee

Student Run Animal Protection Charity: GEEPO

Student Run Volunteering for Former Residence of Soong Ching-Ling

Charity and philanthropyhas been entrenched into Heng House culture. Opportunities have been presented to students in the house to enrich yourextra-curricularactivities. Student-run animal protection clubs GEEPO, where students raise fund and donate the fund into stray animal protection, proveshow to turn your passion for\peoplewho are in need; volunteering opportunity in Former Residence of Soong Ching-Ling have been introduced to students when they experience the life of the greatest women in Chinese history.

Our house is filled with students with great academic capacities, athletic skills and artistic potentials, while they have been encouraged and recognised.

In her AS exam, Zhu Bing Lu, a current S2 student, achieved full A grade: A2 math A*, Physics A, Chemistry A, Economics A. Science lovers can also achieve their goals here, Li Si Han, a current S2 students, has been awarded a High School Silver Award in Asia-Pacific Robotics Championship in 2016.

Within Heng Duan house, there is no dream that is too small to be true, there is no dream that is too big to achieve.

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