Four Houses

TaiHang House

Like our namesake, Taihang House stands out above the rest. We look to the Taihang Mountain Range as our inspiration- to rise above all, to be strong, resilient and to withstand life’s challenges. 

In Taihang House, we are a family. Love each other, be happy everyday, laugh a lot, respect one another, use kind words, always tell the truth, say 'please' & 'thank you'. Never give up, keep your promise, forgive even when it's hard. Be truthful, positive and grateful. Try to keep these house rules. 


Taihang is a House that has gone through many changes. We have expanded this year to a House that encompasses six home room classes and a pastoral team of fourteen staff members. Our Home Room Teachers- 50% Chinese and 50% International- are dedicated to their pastoral duties- making sure students are happy and fulfilled in their lives at our school. Students see their home room teachers every day before school as well as class meetings and house meetings once a week. Home Room Teachers care deeply for their students and often will plan special events for students.

Our students are talented in every sphere, and are given opportunities throughout the year to demonstrate their talents. Sports wise, we have a very talented Boys’ Basketball Team, while our Girls’ Team brought glory to Taihang by winning theInter-House Basketball Competition. Our football team are absolute killers on the field. Furthermore, Taihang bands together every September to strike fear into the hearts of Kunlun, Hengduan and Qillian- yes, it’s theSports Day.

Sports Day is an opportunity for our strongest athletes to show off their track and field talents. At the same time- we cheer and support our athletes, letting them now that, win or lose, we are behind them 100%.

Culturally, Taihang is one of the top Houses at RDFZ. We have shown time and again that our students are vibrant and creative. Students take charge; creating their own clubs, making presentations at House Assemblies, and participating in school competitions such as the recentPhotography Competition, where we placed 1stand 2nd. We are a House of Actors, Debaters, Artists, Photographers and Musicians.

Taihang students, with help from pastoral staff, strive to push themselves; developing academically, culturally and socially into mature, productive members of society. Taihang Jiayou!

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