Student Life

Table Tennis Elective

Author: Kevin Tan K4

The first week of electives has begun ,and the table tennis elective lead by Mr. Ma had initiated their journey. First of all, the teacher had announced the class rule for this elective, every student should bring their own table tennis bats for each class. The students had been separated into two groups based on their own level of skill. Mr.Ma had set the target for the students who are not good at it and they have their specific objectives during every class. Mr.Ma have enough patient and corrects every mistake that they make. This is the most efficiency approach to improve their skills in a short period of time. Otherwise, for the students who have a certain foundation, they have more freedom to play the types that they prefer. Four people in a group and then rotate. Every class they will have a competition and the winner would play with the teacher which is the most interesting thing in the class.

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