Four Houses

QiLian House

Qilian House is a huge family which consists of 14 teaching staffs and 180 students. Half of our teaching staffs come from all over the world, like America,United States, Russia. Our 180 students are evenly divided into six homerooms. Each homeroom contains two teaching staffs and students from Senior 1, 2 and 3. In this way, we believe senior students can share their precious academic experiences and help each other achieve their goals!

(Above: Qilian House lovely teaching staff)

(Above: Qilian House family photo at Gubei Town)

The motto of Qilian House is ‘ Virtue, Integrity, Honor ’. Qilian House is a leader in the school in academics, responsibility and sports. Qilian teaching staffs encourage their students to lead by example. Rising early, working hard, and helping classmates are the behaviors encouraged throughout the House. The students of Qilian House are known in the school for their diligence in study, good manners, and exemplary personal conduct.

(Above: Qilian candidates in debate competition)

(Above: Qilian senior students sharing academic experiences and suggestions)

(Above: Qilian students participating in annual Musical Gala)

(Above: Qilian boys soccer team and Qilian girls basketball team)

(Above: Qilian athletes participating in the Interesting Sports meeting)

(Above: Winning design for students’ T-shirt contest and student artwork on display)

(Above:Victory celebration and S3 Adult Ceremony)

Qilian House has made successes in many areas. In the future, Qilian House will keep fighting, persistently pursue excellence, and cultivate outstanding Qilian students as many as possible!

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