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Military Training 20192019-12-10

Military Training 2019

Day One was a day full of nerves, excitement, anticipation and expectation for the new senior one students of RCF Experimental School. Although the sun was soaring in the sky and the heat was intense, we were motivated by Principal Guo, Mr Shen, Director Zheng and Miss Xie with well wishes and encouragement. The key things we learned from this day were to listen to instructions, the keep practicing and to work together as a team. Even though our rhythm was out of sync at the beginning, determination took over and things started to ‘fall in line’.

Day Two arrived and what we learned from the previous day was put into practice. It was an intense day with rounds upon rounds of marching, saluting and perfecting the art of synchronicity.  Feet ached, foreheads burned, sweat dripped from our foreheads, but we pressed forward with determination and even found the energy to participate in the tug of war match between the 4 houses. It was a lot of fun and we felt very honoured to represent our house. The evening was spent rehearsing our marching and parading to the victorious, militant music.

Day Three was the day where we saw the biggest improvement. The instructor’s voice was much more energizing and our marching was in sync, sharper, smoother and steadier. We paraded under the beautiful sunrise with a real sense of pride and patriotism. We learned a lot of information regarding the IGCSE and A Level programmes at RCF Experimental School from senior students. In the late afternoon, we were visited by the fire department. We got to see inside the fire engines and hear real lie accounts of what it is like to be a firefighter. It put a lot of things into perspective for all of us.

Day Four was the final day of the military training. It included not only queue training, but also testing of English words and some subjects, cultural and sports activities, and lecture activities. The biggest lesson of the day was the importance of time management. It can help us plan things and do things in an orderly manner. We all made sure from this day, that we would continue to keep an eye on our timing for not only ourselves, but for our fellow students, our houses and our teachers.

Military training made our will stronger and the spirit of struggle and teamwork was greatly enhanced. We vowed as senior one students to begin a new journey with the strength we gained from military training and to be unified in solidarity and triumph. Our lives at RCF Experimental School will begin with great optimism, joy and above all, hope.

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