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Graduation Ceremony of 20182018-10-17   Author : Ushiya Bhatti T1, Photographer : Frank Zhou Q6 and Steven Liu Q2

The most intimidating step that one takes in life is the transition from high-school to university; and the most exciting step one takes in life is from middle-school to high-school. The transition into high-school is exhilarating and exciting, whereas the transition into university is daunting and scary. The day of graduation, when one is not fully an adult but no longer a child, can simply be described as enrapturing.


The class of 2018, officially graduated on June 29th, and it was a ceremony that truly encapsulated the feelings of nostalgia and joy.


The Opening Speech from Principal Mr Guo





Florence Qian said in her graduation speech that high-school, to her, was a place of “self discovery”. She said that it had helped her and her fellow peers “mature” and enhanced their knowledge. 


Graduation Speech by Florence Qian, Class of 2018

Ms. Ferreira made similar points in her speech. Her advice to the graduating students was to “wear sunscreen”. A beautiful metaphor that emphasized just how harsh life can be, and at times we may need protection, but that does not mean we should be passive and hide. She continued on by reminding the students to thank their parents for their sacrifices, and ended it beautifully by telling the students that they should be proud.


Ms Rachel Ferreira, Head of English Department

Truly, the graduation ceremony carried with it an atmosphere of ease and a sense of accomplishment. It was a day for students to rejoice and celebrate, a day they had been looking forward to for three years. 



As the ceremony progressed, four students performed a well-versed poem for the graduating students. They stated “And it’s finally off to us to explore the rest of the color palette” and ended it with “Quietly, I wave goodbye to the rosy clouds in the western sky”. 



As the graduation ceremony gradually ended, one the last performances was a song performed by the teaching staff; a one final goodbye to the graduating students.



High-school is a place where we learn and grow; where we fail and succeed, and where we make countless memories. Truly, graduation day is a bitter-sweet experience, where we learn to say good-bye and embrace the unknown future.

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