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The Third Tuesday2017-10-24   Author : Ushiya Bhatti


In order for students to join ALC Media, the requirements were quite simple; you needed to have an interest in IT, Photography, or Writing. So, as the third Tuesday of the month approached, students skittered towards the assigned room in silent zeal; they had made it this far. The school’s English website would finally be brought to life; foreign teachers and students would finally be updated on the ongoing school activities without needing to translate every single word. It had begun.

The dimly lit room was filled with a silent buzz as the students talked amongst each other, enthusiastically sharing their ideas. How are we going to design this website? What will be the layout? What article should we write first? Is this angle for this photograph good enough? The excitement came from every corner, something new had laid itself out in front of the students; something they were familiar with yet not quite acquainted with fully. New ideas spurted out from every corner, as such when the IT team introduced a software where they could store all important files, including articles and photographs. When the IT students discussed their findings and their plans, ALC Media’s supervisor and the new website's content manager Mr. Will instructed them to ‘talk in English’. Not all were aware of the technical terms that the IT team used, some were just there to take pictures and write articles, so a rough translation was very much needed!

Apart from the fact that any contribution to this website would only enrich the students’ experience and broaden their knowledge of IT, photography, and the different types of writings, what had enticed the young individuals to an elective that consumed all their working hours? Upon hearing the question, ‘what is the best part about this elective?’ Florence replied “For me the best would definitely be getting to know a lot of brilliant students with prowess in different fields.” Sarah, a S1 student added, “The best part is that I can work with students from S1, S2, and S3!”

Surely, the best part about this elective is that students of all backgrounds and talents are able to bring ideas and individual perspectives to the table. Maybe the angle of a photo would be better slightly to the left, an article better written if a hook were present—the IT team, well we wouldn’t really know, we aren’t fluent in their language of ‘computer’. The requirements for ALC Media are quite simple, bring unique ideas and help construct them into a distinct body of work. Room 227, and occasionally Room 228, welcomes all those who are willing to work—every Tuesday, a new idea begins.

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