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Birth of RDFZ Chaoyang Branch School2017-08-31   Author : Via Zhang Student from Kunlun House

On the morning of August 31st 2014, RDFZ Chaoyang Branch School started her first Opening Ceremony with the Chinese National Anthem. Since then, a new international school with the advanced educational wisdom and methods has come into being.

This school is a full-time private secondary school, and it is one of the members of RDFZ school union. The goal of RDFZ Chaoyang Branch is to cultivate diversified talented students based on the experience of the past century.

In the speech at the opening ceremony, Principal Liu Pengzhi clearly pointed out the school mission: to value individuality, discover personal potential, enhance student growth, to boost national prosperity, and to promote the progress of humanity. The goal is to create a  pioneering and world-class private school in China. The aim of the RDFZ ALC students is to achieve virtue, erudition, innovation and factualism.